Roller Dipping Tray

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Roller Dipping Tray


AquaSeal Roller Dipping Tray is used to hold troweling agent like the Flecks trowel EZ product. To be used along with Rollers.

Wheels on Tray moves easily along with work flow saving you time and money keeping area clean by keeping chemical in the tray and not dripping all over the job site.

Reduces back fatigue by reducing trolling on knees.

Made in USA. Manufactured with 100% construction grade steel and aluminum, our roller can be used with EPDM, TPV, SBR, TPR, EnviroFluff, or any pour-in-place granulated material.

Product Description

  • Operation: Troweling Agent Tray
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Assembly: Detachable Handle
  • Parts: Tray – Wheels – Handle
  • Roller Handle: detachable
  • Surfacing Materials: Any granulated materials: EPDM, TPV, SBR, TPR, Envirofluff, etc.

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