IMER 60 Mixer

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IMER 60 Mixer

  • Bucket capacity: 14 gal, Batch output: 12 gal. / 60 lb. Bag
  • Drum diameter: 24, Paddle speed: 55 rpm
  • Machine weight: 67 lbs, Wheel size: 4 in.
  • Motor: 3/4 h.p. 110v, 10 amp.
  • 1 motar paddle, 1 epoxy and plaster paddle

The drum is made of wear-proof plastic material conferring stiffness to transport and resistance to mixed materials.

Unlike the hand operated mortar mixers and drills, Mix 60 does not need the operator's support and therefore does not transmit vibrations harmful to the operator’s health.

Lifting the mixing unit activates a limit switch that stops the rotation of paddles.

Product Description

The mini-mix 60 is a truly versatile mixing machine.

Quickly and thoroughly mix mortor, stucco, thinset, dry pack mortar, epoxy, plaster and more.

Motor is equipped with a thermal magnetic switch which provides both low voltage and over heating protection.

Features a safety interlock system which stops the motor when the mixing paddles are raised.

Each machine comes with two plastic buckets, allowing you to mix one batch while the other is being applied.

The MIX 60 is a light weight all purpose bucket mixer designed to take the place of a drill motor and a 5 gallon bucket. It is powered by the same 1/2 hp, 110v, motor gear box combination as our popular Minuteman barrel mixer. It is very powerful and reliable.

The MIX 60 is also equipped with an auto shut off safety switch that is activated anytime the paddle is raised out of the bucket.

The MIX 60 comes with 2 twelve gallon plastic buckets and two paddles. These paddles are for mixing mortars, dry pack, thin set, and grout.

The mixing capacity depends on the thickness of the material being mixed. It can range from 50lbs to 100lbs per batch depending on how stiff the material needs to be.

There is a new paddle for self leveling materials and coatings which is optional. These materials tend to be the consistency of pancake batter and need a different mixing action than is available with the standard paddles.

  • HP: 3/4 @ 110v
  • Drum Capacity: 14 Gallon
  • Drum Output: 12 Gallon
  • Output Mortar Type N: 1/3 bag
  • Output 60lb Premix: 1 bag, 2 bag self-leveling
  • RPM: 55, direct gear box
  • DBA (operator): 65
  • Platform: Welded Frame
  • L x W x H: 25" x 23" x 31"
  • Weight: 64 lbs, 70 boxed

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