6" Pour in Place Roller

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6" Pour in Place Roller


The 6" Pour in Place Roller creates just the right amount of pressure in weight to allow the rubber granules to adhere together with out leaving lines, in the end you get a glass like surface!

Increase Productivity

Save time & money by reducing trowel lines & creating a glass like surface. PAYS FOR ITSELF AFTER FIRST USE! Reduces back fatigue by reducing troweling on knees.

Made in USA. Manufactured with 100% CONSTRUCTION GRADE STEEL & ALUMINUM. Can be used with any granulated material. EPDM, TPV, SBR, TPR, EnviroFluff, Etc.

Product Description

  • Operation: Top coat finishing.
  • Material: pvc/steel
  • Assembly: Use 10cm/1.25" steel conduct pipe. (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Parts: 100% steel bracket w/ pvc roller.
  • Roller Handle: 1.5" pipe reciever.

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